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January 31, 2019 – Abadak's 2019 spring collection is here. 

Outdoor gear specialist Abadak is launching their new 2019 spring collection featuring new style camping chairs, pop up tents and canopies. 
The 2019 line is targeting tailgators, beachgoers, campers and various other kind of outdoor enthusiasts. Abadak sales representative William Kerr says, "we like to keep things fresh and offer something new now and then; The new line of camping chairs seems to be going really well with tailgating enthusiast." 

Among the new camping chair line are the new colors for the Abadak monster chairs, College orange and burgundy.



September 21 2018 Abadak Supplies Tarps For North Carolina Hurricanes

Hurricane Florence has devastated the Carolinas, leaving ripped roofs and flooding in it's wake.  Abadak Inc. has stock piled hurricane tarps going out to the region to cover roofs and various other types of structure. "The hurricane tarps are a major part of what we do." An Abadak representative said.  Abadak says it stands by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for hurricane emergencies.  For more information about tarps, go to Abadak's tarps division at: www.tarpsplus.com



November 28 2016 - Abadak Donates Tarps and Tents to Austin Homeless For Holidays.

Every year hundreds of homeless people die of hypothermia due to living on the streets.  A simple plastic tarp prevents the damp and cold. Tarps are an essential item for homeless people living in cold climate areas that are in danger of hypothermia.

The founder and CEO of Abadak, Michael Stein started the "Abadak Gives Back" program in Los Angeles where the company is originally from.   Abadak moved their headquarters to Austin in 2014 and this marks the first year the homeless drive will take place in Texas.   Abadak will be delivering the tarps, tents and clothing to "Mobile Loaves and Fishes" , an Austin based homeless foundation.

Stein stated, The "Abadak Gives Back" homeless drive is something that we have been doing for many years and we are very excited to bring it here to Austin.

Next year Tarps Plus plans to find other companies that wish to donate their products for the event as well.




October 13, 2016 - Abadak Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Abadak is celebrating with offering it's line of pink pop up tents. One pop-up tent: "The Tiffany" ; A higher end looking instant gazebo with pink and gray colors. Another canopy is a 10 x 10 pink camouflage instant gazebo, called "The Huntress". Abadak CEO Michael Stein said, "We wanted to celebrate breast cancer awareness month and thought our pink pop up tents would be a nice tie-in".

The pink pop up tents will be on sale until the end of October 2016.




November 4th 2015 - Abadak Plans Largest Tarp Drive For Homeless To Date!

Leading tarp supplier Abadak Inc. will be holding their annual tarp drive in Los Angeles this Thanksgiving and they plan to break their own record in tarps distributed.

Poly tarp are a helpful tool for the homeless during the winter months.  Hundreds of in the U.S. with die of hypothermia due to living on the streets every winter and a simple waterproof tarp can supply a protective shield against dampness and cold.

Founder and CEO of Abadak, Michael Stein says, "We gave out over two thousand tarps to the L.A. city homeless last year; we will giving out nearly three thousand tarps this year."

Stein says, if there are any tarps left over, they will leave the tarps with the Los Angeles Mission which heads the annual Thanksgiving gala.  The mission will distribute the rest of the plastic covers to people as needed.





June 19 2015 - Abadak's UFC Fighter Wins!

Abadak's first venture into MMA promotions has turned out to be successful.  Abadak sponsored UFC fighter Johnny Hollywood Case won his bout at UFC 188.  Despite getting poked in the eye Case won the fight with a unanimous decision.

Abadak founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "It is a perplexing thing with this type of advertising, you want your fighter to win but you do not want the fight to end too quickly because you want more air time for you company's logo to be seen.  We had fun with the UFC promotion."

This was the last fight that companies will be able to advertise at the UFC fights due to Reebok signing a long term exclusive ad agreement. Abadak plans many more promotions with the UFC for interviews and other events outside of the octagon.



September 04, 2014 - The New Abadak Monster Chair Arrives

The long awaited Abadak Monster chair is finally here.  The oversized novelty chair fits a six pack in the armrest and is perfect for sporting events, camping or tailgating.  "This huge chair are the type of interesting items that we are just begining to come out with." CEO and Founder Michael Stein said.  Abadak plans to make a long line of unique products to fit nitch markets.




March 13, 2014 – Abadak Puts Green Stamp On New Facility in Texas

Being an outdoor dear company means protecting your environment, says CEO and founder Michael Stein.  Abadak's new facility in Texas will feature many types of energy-saving and environmentally friendly aspects.  The entire Abadak warehouse and offices has been built with friendly foam insulation for energy efficiency.  Special HVAC filtering systems to protect against HOV's and recycling trash for metal and cardboard. The offices will also be filled with air filtering plants to make sure employees are breathing the freshest of air.  Stein says "It's not just important for the overall message and image of an outdoor gear company, but simply a healthier way to live and work".  The new Abadak Texas headquarters will be open March 31, 2014.




January 14 2014 - New Abadak Texas Location to Be Completed by March

As usual with many construction dates the abadak construction date has been pushed back several times. But the facility now sees light at the end of the tunnel and will be open by March 31. The new Texas. Abadak facility will be complete with over 3000 ft.² of office 25,000 ft.² of warehouse and 5000 ft.² of retail store.
Abadak founder and CEO Michael Stein says, "the new Texas location will give us the ability to offer cheaper shipping rates to our customers as well as faster shipping times.  We are also excited to offer people in the Austin area our unique brand of outdoor gear."

Stein says that being centrally located in in Texas will give them an approximate savings of 26% on overall annual shipments. The company expects to bode well. Due to the high demand of outdoor necessities in the Texas area, as well as offering emergency items like tarps to people in the Gulf and in tornado stricken areas.




November 20 2013 - Abadak Collaborates with The Los Angeles Mission to Support Homeless

Abadak's Biggest philanthropic event of the year will be Wednesday, November 27 at the Los Angeles mission in downtown Los Angeles. Every year Abadak donates over 1000 tarps to the Los Angeles city homeless during Thanksgiving time. This year over 2000 poly tarps will be donated.
Abadak founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "We talked to the organizers at the Los Angeles mission this year and asked them what can we do different and better than last year. They simply said, "donate more tarps" so we decided to double the amount we usually donate."

The simplistic plastic polyethylene tarp is essential for people living on the streets. Many people that are homeless suffer from hypothermia during the cold winter months. The tarp keeps people dry and warm and protects them from the elements.




October 14 2013 - Abadak Will Be Holding Its 1st Canopies for Kids Program in Texas

Mark the date because abadak is coming to the Lone Star State.  Abadak will be holding its educational program canopies for kids at the Community Montessori School in Georgetown, Texas Saturday, October 26.  This marks the 1st time. The company will be holding its program in Texas. Abadak founder and CEO Michael Stein says it will be 1st of many to be held in the large state. Abadak will be donating to 10 x 10 pop-up tents and one large canvas tarp. Stein will be talking to students, teachers and parents about the importance of unity among all 3. After the discussion students and teachers will place their handprints on the tents and free-form painted on the canvas tarp. One tent will be donated for school use the other tent will be donated for the schools annual of tree fundraiser for a live auction.




October 1 2013 - Abadak Makes It To The Second Round Of The Intuit Big Game Contest.

Companies spend millions of dollars on commercials every year. The most expensive commercials are during the Super Bowl broadcast. To produce a commercial, hire an advertising agency and air a commercial during the Super Bowl can cost upwards to several million dollars. Intuit, creator of such software as books has come when ingenious way to promote themselves and at the same time offer a small business a chance to advertise like large companies. The contest is called the Intuit big-game. Abadak has entered into the contest and has made it to the 2nd round. There are 4 rounds, with the winner being awarded a commercial for their company that airs during the Super Bowl broadcast. Second-round contestants are required to supply a 90 second video with categorized explanations about their company.  If you wish to vote for Abadak to help them when please click and vote on the link below:




September 2 2013 - Cory Fancy Takes First Place In The Abadak 50

The winner of the first annual Abadak 50 at Willow Sprice Raceway was Cory Fancy. Coming in at 2nd place was Dana Moore and rounding off 3rd place was Greg Austin. The race was filled with drama as there was some close calls in the heated contest. Antelope Valley being home to Edwards Air Force Base is no stranger to speed and the Abadak 50 was no different.  Abadak founder and CEO Michael Stein says this will be the 1st of many annual events.




August 29 2013 - Abadak Announces It' Pink Line For Breast Cancer Research

A new line of pink Abadak products will be launched this winter and a portion of the earnings will go to breast cancer research.  The product line will consist of pink pop-up tents, hammocks, water bottles, tarps and various other types of outdoor gear.
Abadak founder and CEO Michael Stein says, "We are very excited for pink line of outdoor gear. This is only the beginning. We intend on expanding the pink outdoor gear line indefinitely."
5% of all gross sales of Abadak's pink line will donated to breast cancer research. The launch of the pink line will be December 2013.




July 8 2013 - Opening Date Set for Completion of Texas facility

Opening date for Abadak's Texas facility has been set for December 2nd 2013.  The Texas location will consist of a 25,000 ft.² warehouse, 3000 ft.² of office 5000 ft.² of retail on a 10 acre property that was purchased by the company. The expansion will enable the company to distribute its new product line, as well as offer discounted and quicker shipping prices due to the proximity of Texas being in the middle of the United States.

Abadak CEO and founder Michael Stein said, "For the opening of the Texas location. Being in the center of the country will help us save our customers prices and get the product to them quicker."

The new location is approximately 25 miles North of Austin, Texas in the town of Weir.




June 20 2013 - Abadak Will Sponsor Its Own Race at Willow Springs Titled the Abadak 50

Many companies such as red bull find our you in sponsoring sporting events to sell the products.  Abadak is now putting its own style and brand on its 1st sporting event. It will be called, the Abadak 50.  A stock car racing event that will take place at Willow Springs in Palmdale, California.

The race will take place on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at the Willow Springs international Racedway. 

Michael Stein, the founder and CEO of Abadak says, "we are very excited about the 1st of many Abadak 50 racing events. This falls right in line with the type of brand, style and products that we want to promote."

The race cars and drivers will also be appearing at the Abadak headquarters a day before the event.