Custom Canvas Tarps

Custom Canvas Tarps

Need tarps in a specific color and size? You can trust us when it comes to custom canvas tarps. We are capable of producing tarps in different quantities and variations. You can order special color tarps as well as custom waterproof tarps from us.

*Attention: Our custom canvas tarps are made to order. Hand-sewn in the USA, an order can take seven to ten business days before it gets shipped out.

How We Make Our Custom Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are the typical tarps you see in homes. Being aware of how the best quality tarps are made and its varieties will aid you in selecting what’s best for your needs.

The creation of these tarps begins with a base fabric. And in order to produce a canvas tarp of good quality, it has to be made from a single filled, 100 percent cotton fabric. The edges are always hemmed and stitched. These procedures prevent tarps from getting frayed or torn. Moreover, hemmed and stitched edges help tarps last longer.

Canvas tarps usually feature heavy duty grommets with at least 24 inches of spacing. The grommets are reinforced so that the fabric will not fray. They also allow you to tie down and secure the tarp in place.  Most grommets are made of brass. This alloy is rust resistant and super long lasting.

There are different sizes of canvas tarps. You can easily find a size that fits your needs and some companies can even produce a custom size tarp for you. If in need of custom tarps, you have to plan in advance. That’s because they are made to order.

Canvas tarps are factory made products that are often treated and tested by chemists and scientists. Some tarps are treated with a coating or formula that supplies extra strength and special properties. These make the tarps withstand continuous use.

Abadak specializes in creating canvas tarps of different colors and sizes. Can’t find a tarp that suits your requirements? Just place an order and we will deliver your high quality custom canvas tarp fast. Call 1-800-838-3057 and we will help you with your specific needs.