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When selling your goods at a marketplace or if you're simply having a shade on a sunny day at the beach, we recommend the Diamond Pop Up Tent - 8' x 8' as your outdoor protection. Water corrosion and salt air won’t be a problem for this product. It incredibly resists these harmful agents.  So if you’re looking for affordable tents that are of high quality, choose the Diamond Pop Up Tents - 8' x 8'.

  • Includes a bag for carrying the pop up tent
  • 100% waterproof
  • An end wall (sold separately) can be added if needed
  • Heavy duty 500D polyester
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Foot pads are built-in
  • Powder coated steel frame


Use: This pop up tent is tougher than the standard medium-duty pop up tent. We recommend it for outdoor activities such as recreational outings and trade shows. All pop up tents are not meant for permanent use. It cannot resist severe weather conditions. It is best used when the user is able to monitor the current condition of the weather. 

Guide to choosing pop up tents: Light-duty pop up tents are for vendors who sell their goods outdoors once in a while. It is also great for recreational use. Medium-duty pop up tents are for individuals who frequently hold social gatherings. It is also recommended to people who go on recreational outings often. The commercial grade pop up tents are for heavy users (people who sell outdoors every day).

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